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Fark Process provide services in the supply of all kinds of auxiliary equipment that needed in Milk Processing Facilities. Contact us for detailed information.



Regardless of the viscosity of the product in fluid transfer applications, hygienic or industrial type With our pumps, the structure of the products is transferred in the most ideal way without deterioration. In addition to product transfer, we also serve our customers with our complete system solutions. Positive displacement, centrifugal, magnetic with our coupled, self-priming and air-operated diaphragm pumps, we offer ideal solutions for liquid transfer in many sectors up to industry.

Hygienic Centrifugal Pumps

Pumps made of high quality stainless steel AISI 316; they are used in the food, beverage, cosmetics and similar industries. Pumps that have a long life against corrosion wear due to their high wall thickness. The use of the same seal in different models has ensured a standard in spare parts inventory. With its easy dismantling, it allows control and cleaning applications in a short time. Milk, water, juice It is an ideal pump for the transfer of such products.
Max Flow Rate: 150m3/h
Max Pressure: 10 bar
Max Working Temperature: 100 ˚C

Flexible Prop Pumps

SF pumps; they are self-priming flexible propeller pumps. Buttermilk, milk, butter, cream, honey, They can pump products such as jam, fruit juice, ketchup without crushing them.
Max Flow Rate: 30m3/h
Max Pressure: 4 bar
Max Working Temperature: 80˚C

Positive Displacement Pump

Lobe Pump with positive displacement, used in transferring viscous products and mixtures containing solid products are lobe gear pumps. They can transfer the products without damaging their structure. With their seal wash and heating jacket options, they provide a problem-free transfer in stop-and-go operation. Vertical and chambered connection models are also available. Safety valve and bypass adaptations are also available. Contact with the product The parts are made of AISI 316 quality.
Max Flow Rate: 160m3/h
Max Pressure: 22 bar
Max Working Temperature: 90˚C


These are positive displacement helical rotor pumps. They can pump without fatigue and crushing of the products without damaging the natural structure. They are widely used in pumping viscous and grain-containing flows. Non-vacuuming With their feature, they offer high performance in the transfer of non-flowing liquids. Such as tahini, honey, ice cream, jam. They also provide ideal results for products.
Max Flow Rate: 60m3/h
Max Pressure: 12 bar
Max Working Temperature: 90˚C

Air Diaphragm Pump

Self-priming, air-operated diaphragm pumps are manufactured as stainless steel, Teflon and aluminum body pumps. They transfer the products without fatigue. Food products such as milk, buttermilk and powder transfers are also used. The desired flow rate can be adjusted by air adjustment.
Max Flow Rate: 25m3/h
Max Pressure: 8 bar
Max Working Temperature: 100˚C



Without the need to dismantle the production line or closed circuits of tools and equipment, rinse water and the automated cleaning method in which the detergent solution can be cleaned by circulation in the production line. It is called CIP (Cleaning In Place). With the standard of CIP cleaning system, a high level of sanitation can be achieved within the plant. In modern dairy plants; It is the preferred method for hygiene and time saving. It is used for hygienic cleaning of tanks and pipelines. Its capacity; It can be determined according to tank capacities and pipeline length.

System; It consists of acid tank, caustic tank, water tank, heat exchanger, pump and return and recirculation pipes. The product contact surfaces in acid & caustic tank are AISI 316 quality, other surfaces are AISI 304 quality stainless steel. Optionally, automation control unit, automatic acid alkali disinfection measurement and control are included in the system. Overflows are made for safety in chemical storage tanks.


Steam boilers are used in enterprises to obtain the necessary steam for the processes, small water and high steam high-quality steam generating equipment with a large volume. Thanks to the small volume of water, as in the case of water tube boilers, it quickly enters the regime, its response to immediate steam withdrawals is fast and unnecessary energy consumption is avoided. The steam boilers of the Scottish type are made in two types as the middle furnace and side furnace.
The fuel type used is solid, solid and gas fuel. We also have a variety of electric steam generators. Steam boiler sections are as follows and are designed as a package design. Steam Boiler , Steam Boiler Level Control and Pressure Control Team, Condensate Tank, Degasser Tank and Tower, Burner, Economizer, Surface Blowdown Automation, Bottom Blowdown Automation, Water Softening Device, Blowdown Heat Recovery System, Control Panel, (Analog, PLC, Skada and Lead – Lag Systems).


All open types or Closed Type Drainage Channels are made of AISI 304 or 316 quality stainless steel. It ensures that the waste water is collected and transferred to the coupled filter. Thanks to anchor fasteners and bolts, the height adjustment and placement are provided clearly. The sharpness is removed in all corners for the safety of users. Drainage Channels can be easily connected to the coupled ground strainer. Considering the hygiene standards, Insect and odor prevention system has been designed inside. Stainless steel open drainage channels are used. Depending on the area, models with ladder and lattice type top grill models are available. Special filling material at the bottom of the channels The filling is based on the durability of the product. It can be used on epoxy or ceramic floors.


Freon gas circulating in the CHILLER releases its energy to the glycol in the plate evaporator. The glycol is circulated by the pump in stainless steel heat exchangers. The stainless steel heat exchangers create ice in the ice water tank. This energy stored in the ice is used when needed. Basically, the energy is stored during the night and used during peak hours. With stainless steel heat exchanger, Plate Rollbont evaporator, chiller group, circulating pumps, ice water tank. It is compactly built on a single chassis. With FARK PROCESS ice water units; energy saving, reduction in cooling cost, reduction in peak electrical loads, Ensuring that the initial investment is reduced and maintenance costs are reduced.